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Biographie The big advantage of plastic box for distribution is their durability and impact resistance. Our products are made of polypropylene and they are

resistant to the extreme temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 40 °C. Thanks to the lid attached to the plastic box, everything you store will be protected from external factors.

PVC box is the shrink wrap of choice for companies with a wide range of different items as it can be used on a multitude of shapes,

designs and product types. It is compatible with most shrink wrap machinery, meaning you won't need to make major changes to the current functioning of your system to accommodate it. A great all-round

option that allows you to keep production uniform and is likely to entitle you to more volume discounts, bringing overall costs down to a bare minimum.

It's long-since been known that the packaging of a product will always contribute to whether or not someone decides to buy one product to another. [url=

tube/pvc-tube/]PVC tube[/url] allows you to get ahead of competitors with a neat and tidy aesthetic that can be designed and manipulated in accordance to your preferences. Products are likely to look all the

more enticing when they have been protected from damage in transit whilst displayed beside other alternatives that haven't.

A plastic tray is uniquely crafted in order to fulfill each customer's requirements. They are designed and crafted from light, medium or high

density plastics depending on the plastic tray's specific purpose. A plastic tray that is meant to be used in places with high latent heat is designed to be sturdier than the conventional tray. As a

result, it is important to select the appropriate type, density and polymerization feature associated with plastic formations. This is because each plastic tray is custom made for specific purposes.

Flocking velvet blister tray has the effect of upgrading grades. A good outer packaging can better reflect the value

of the product and it can also improve the product grade and obtain higher value. At the same time, the flocking tray is soft, which better protects the product and reduces collision damage. Flocking blister

tray is suitable for packaging cosmetics, watches, jewlry, digital electronics and wine. Flocking velvet blister tray features beautiful appearance, soft touch, and various colors make the product more

attractive and make cosumers more likely to have a good impression.

Plastic hanger is arguably the most common and frequently used clothes hanger. This is because they're easy to find and relatively cheap

compared to other options. Generally, these hangers come in different colors and sizes, including smaller widths designed for children. Plastic hangers are also easy to work with when it comes to hanging or

removing clothes. However, you will need to button dress shirts and zip-up hoodies to keep wide-neck clothes hanging. Be careful when purchasing plastic hangers as you might desire a more reliable set of

hangers in a short time.

The soft surface of adhesive hanger prevents damage and creasing of clothes. These hangers are available in different designs

and colours and are suitable for delicate shirts or clothes that fold quickly. Besides, satin hangers really make your wardrobe beautiful. Many adhesive hangers have a bow or other designs. This makes them

even more visually appealing.

Blister packaging is one popular option for supplement packaging. There are quite a few advantages of blister packaging for consumers and

manufacturers and really not so many disadvantages. Advantages include increased security, freshness, extra convenience, easy dosing, and improved compliance among consumers, just to name a few.

Slide blister card packaging incorporates larger flanges that fold around the back of the package so that you

can slide a card into the package. The advantage of this type of blister packaging is that no sealing is required to assemble it. It also protects the card from damage.

Technically a clamshell blister packaging is a blister pack that folds onto itself and this type of packaging

can be used for many products and has many advantages. Clamshells can be well-sealed, using RF welding or heat sealing, to prevent damage from moisture and tampering. 
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